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With over 27 million visitors each year Paris is truly one of the world’s premier destinations. It’s no surprise as this capital city is packed with culture, entertainment, shopping and nightlife.

Paris is divided into a number of districts, each with their own ambience, and amongst its beautiful architecture and wide boulevards, you can truly find a part of this city to call your own.

Short breaks to Paris are a great way to get to know a particular area of the city. In fact every area of Paris houses little known gems, and is truly worth appreciating over the course of a long weekend.

So, how do you get the most out of your break in this magical city? Read on to find out.

Boat tour on Seine river in Paris

Getting there

Paris is well served by airports but there is no question that the best way to arrive there is by train. If travelling from the UK, the Eurostar will deposit you in central Paris in a couple of hours and you will arrive relaxed and ready to sample everything the city throws at you. France’s famous trains make travelling to Paris by rail an easy proposition from anywhere in Europe, and it is a brilliant hub for a European rail tour.

Les arrondissements

Paris is divided into 20 different neighbourhoods called arrondissements. Districts such as La Bastille and Le Marais hold unique charms that allow an escape from the well-trodden path. Naturally, you will want to see the sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but finding a neighbourhood that suits you will be the most rewarding way to experience the city.


It would not be a Parisian holiday without copious amounts of food and wine. Visit an authentic café for an early morning coffee, and feed up on onion soup and all the meat you can eat. Steak Tartare is a delicious must.

But it isn’t just French food you should be eager to try. France’s colonial past in North Africa and the Far East means Paris is home to some of the world’s best Moroccan and Vietnamese cuisine.


With such a range of things to see and do, there is no bad time to see Paris, but when there are festivals in town, the city gets even better.

Rock en Siene takes place at Domaine National de St. Clou on the city’s outskirts and thousands descend on the grassy area to experience the best in modern music. This three-day event has grown in stature to become one of Europe’s premier events.

The Paris Jazz Festival is another annual musical highlight that boasts a phenomenal line up of world renowned talent. This event takes place across eight weekends of day and evening shows in the gorgeous surroundings of “Floral Park” in the middle of Bois De Vincennes to the east of Paris.

Cinema and Theatre

Hollywood and Bollywood may vie to be the capitals of modern cinema, but France is inexorably linked with the art, and French cinema is something Parisians are unsurprisingly proud of.

July and August sees Parisians descending on the Parc De Villette en masse to celebrate their nation’s love of the moving image. If you’re looking for further al fresco delights they can be had throughout the summer at the stunning Jardin Shakespeare in Paris’s green and lush Bois de Boulogne. Amongst modern renditions of the bard’s greatest hits are a series of dance and musical performances.