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Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

Although you can have a good time in Venice, there are some places that may disappoint you. Here is a list of top 5 worst attractions in Venice.

  1. Saint Marc’s Basilica

If you don’t make a reservation to visit this well-known church, then you have to wait in line. You might be waiting for 45 minutes in order to visit the church for ten minutes. If you want to see the upper level of Saint Marc’s Basilica, you have to pay. Also, if you don’t have your shoulders or knees covered, you must pay 4 euros extra for a paper blanket.

  1. Saint Mark’s Square

When you think about Venice, you think about Piazza San Marco. Everybody has heard of this famous square, but it’s not indicated to spend hours here. You can go and take some pictures, but don’t eat in those cafés because it’s expensive. St. Mark’s Square is always crowded, so be careful at your pockets.

Piazza San Marco
  1. Murano glass shops on the Rialto Bridge or in Saint Marc’s Square

This special glass is made on the island of Murano. Aesthetically, the Murano glass is beautiful, fascinating and colourful. You can see it mostly in the composition of chandeliers. The shops from Rialto Bridge or Saint Marc’s Square sell this glass at higher prices. Some of this glass is fake and was made in China.

If you want to buy original Murano glass, then you should plan a trip to Murano. You can get there by a vaporetto. In this way you’ll be able to see how the glass is transformed into art.

  1. Gondola

Besides being expensive (80 euros for a ride) the gondoliers don’t offer you that romantic atmosphere you have seen in movies. You have to pay them extra euros in order to sing for you. They can be very noisy: either they talk on the phone or they talk to each other in Italian. It can be disturbing.

  1. Gelato shops

Did you know that gelato sales were estimated to 214 million dollars in 2014? This healthy dessert can make your day better. You’re thinking that once you’re in Venice you must buy at least one scoop of gelato. But be careful from where you buy it. Not all the gelato shops make gelato by hand and use fresh ingredients. One clue that the gelato is artisanal is the colour of the flavour. For example, the colour for mint flavour should be white, not green.

There are plenty of other attractions that you can visit such as The Doge’s Palace.