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Paris has plenty of attractions to justify its position as one of the most visited cities in the world. With instantly recognizable architectural icons, an incredible cuisine, rich history and art, as well as its countless shops that have something for all tastes, there is no question as to whether you should visit it or not. The varied opportunities that it offers for memorable times also make it ideal for you and your kids to visit. Before going into the best destinations for the purpose, let’s first answer a question that we often see from those that intend to travel to this city.

What means of transportation should I use from the airport in order to reach my place of accommodation?

While public transportation is a good choice during your travels, we find quite impractical for your first trip to the city. First of all, the flight is likely to exhaust you and then you have to carry your luggage with you everywhere. Looking for the proper routes in a place you don’t know becomes quite a hassle in these conditions and, even after you find them, you won’t have the most comfortable trip.

What we advise you to use is a Paris airport transfer. The service provides the proper combination of comfort and speed needed to relieve the stress of reaching the hotel on your own. It allows you to rest while professionals take care of all aspects of the trip, allowing you to conserve your time and energy for activities that are fun. The prices that it comes with are also affordable, so any worries about it having a big impact on your budget can be left aside. Once you reach your room and are ready to experience the city, here are some of the best destinations to see with your kids.

  1. Disneyland

As the most visited theme park in Europe, this choice is a no-brainer for any trip to Paris with your kids. Famous Disney characters are represented in several ways, from decorative elements to impressively accurate costumes and skilled actors  that commit to their roles fully.

Various cartoon-related shows serve to enhance the magic feeling of the place, while the rides continue to be the most widely appreciated attraction, much like when the park was first open. Countless stores, hotels, entertainment resorts and restaurants serve to provide a complete experience that is sure to be remembered.

  1. Aquarium de Paris

Your children will be fascinated by the gorgeous display of maritime life seen here. Several important points of attractions here are the shark tunnel, a section displaying the fish living in The Seine and, most importantly for kids, a petting pool where sturgeons can be touched as they come out of the water. The aquarium also has its own cinema that often runs cartoons, for an extra layer of entertainment.

  1. Parc de la Villette

Paris has no shortage of parks, so other choices can work just as well. The Parc de la Villette, however, manages to stand out through impressive design elements, on top of several attractions that make it ideal for all family members. Children are addressed through their own excellent center, while the numerous gorgeous gardens are guaranteed to be appreciated by everyone. The park also houses one of the largest concentrations of cultural venues in the city, making it an essential destination.