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Vienna has long since been recognized as one of the most important cultural cities in the world. But regardless of how Vienna may seem as a historical center full of classical music, art, opera and the very popular schnapps, those are things that kids generally yawn at. However, there are still some pretty interesting places that will both educate and entertain your kid during your visit. Here’s where you should go:

  1. House of Music

Listening to the Philharmonic Orchestra as a kid: boring. Conducting one: very exciting! The building has over 5.000 square meters of interactive music equipment. On every floor, you can find various exhibitions of past composers that will make you go “wow.” There are also many scientific displays that show how the sounds are generated and concert halls where kids can play with digital music or create their own CDs. Your kid may as well become the world’s next famous music conductor!

  1. Prater Theme Park

What kid doesn’t love theme parks? There are various attractions there that your kid can ride, one of the most popular attractions being the Prater Turm – the world’s highest-flying swing. It’s 117 meters tall and it offers incredible views of Vienna as it goes 60 km/h. The entrance to the park is free; however, the individual attractions will charge a fee.

  1. The Bogi Park

No kid will ever get bored at the playground – especially if it is the largest playground of the city. Each child visiting will admit that this place was their favorite part of the entire Vienna. It has many nets that your kid can climb, trampolines to bounce all day on and karts to drive. And for adults, there is also free WiFi.

  1. The Children’s Museum.

Regular museums: yawn. Vienna’s Children Museum: bring it on! Stepping into this museum, your kids will have a lot of fun. They’ll learn about the lives of children from royal families, play with their toys and even dress up as princes or princesses. Since everything is based around the culture of Vienna, this will also be educational for them.

  1. Vienna Zoo

Take your kid to see the lions and the pandas and I assure you, they won’t have a need for anything else. The Vienna (or Schönbrunn) Zoo is literally the oldest zoo in the world, since the buildings which house the animals were built in the 18th century. Adults can enjoy the gorgeous surroundings (buildings and landscapes) while children can look at the giant pandas and the Polarium – yes, they have polar bears too!

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