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Toulouse is the fourth biggest city in France (after Paris, Marseille and Lyon), and one of the most important centers for aerospace, as well as the third university student city with more than 100,000 people. It has about 400,000 inhabitants and its location is more convenient than 3 hours drive to the Atlantic Ocean, 2 hours to the Mediterranean and all about many hours to the Pyrenees, bordering Spain.

Even if you are in Toulouse for one day or for a longer period, you’ll know in a short time and with good reason why this city in southern France is called the ‘Pink City’. Here’s the secret that today give the city a special charm: the late Middle Ages, local stone quarries have been exhausted, so the only available building material was brick.

Toulouse, Pont neuf bridge over river garonne

A visit to the city must begin in the central square, Place du Capitole. That is called the Town hall in Toulouse: Le Capitole. The imposing facade of City Hall, 128 meters long was built in the eighteenth century as a bricks and Ionic columns screen to mask a disparate group of buildings. Depending on the intensity of sunlight, the building looks orange, pink or purple.

Place du Capitole is hosting a safety fair where you can buy numerous gifts for the ones you love. Depending on your budget and your ability to handle your funds, this gift can be a box of chocolates Lajaunie toulousian created by a pharmacist in 1880 or even a book, like “Little Prince” or different objects from Africa: statues, masks, drums and mats. You can find something for every taste and you will never be disappointed if you visit the city, regardless of the time of your visit.

Toulouse St Sernin Basilic

Violets are one of the symbols of the city and contribute to the spectacular atmosphere, appreciated by every visitor. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Toulouse was the first center and city of the old continent to have cultivated violet color indigo. Their feast is on 28 February every year.

In terms of the hospitality, the services provided in the old town are excellent. Two people can sleep at the Grand Balcony, where Saint-Exupéry lived in the ’20s and the atmosphere of those years has been preserved perfectly. With a step above Hôtel du Taurus is a great alternative as well, and when it comes to the luxury hotels, a good example if Hôtel des Beaux-Arts, which can offer a dream view for two people.