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The Loire valley has taken its name from the greatest river flowing in France and is known throughout the world for its wonderful tourist’s attractions. The Loire is more than a river; it is actually a rich and varied region stretching from The Atlantic coast to the very heart of the country. Val de Loire, which is the section of Loire has many historic and interesting towns built on its banks and is a perfect place to be explored by the visitors. Loire has so many historic associations that no river in the world can match it; it also has a varied landscape which is blessed with plenty of sun and thus has always been fertile.
Loire valley has long been known as the garden of France as the place grows lots of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and is also famous for wine and cheeses.

The Loire has abundance of interesting and beautiful chateaux, for which it is greatly renowned, and also some of the famous cities like Angers, Tours, Le Mans and Saumur which are all just an hour drive away. The Atlantic coast, however, is a long drive but achievable in a day’s time. There is also a theme park called FuturoScope at Poitiers which is worth a visit.

There are more than 150 chateaux all in this small area and they are varied (in shapes and sizes) from romantic castles to medieval fortresses, from simple country retreats to magnificent royal palaces. Some of the most famous chateaux are Chateau at Saumur, Chateau d’angers, Chateau de Montsoreau, Chateau de Breze, Chateau Brissac and Chateau du Plessis-bourre.

Offering many surprises, the western Loire is France’s most wonderful and fabulous countryside and if you love being outdoors then you will revel in this region, also known for its sunny and warm climate. The character of this region is slightly different as it has beautiful and different coloured salt marshes along with wildlife and long stretches of sandy beaches.

There are many charming harbour towns and pretty resorts to explore along the coast. On the other hand the whole region of Central Loire is very flat and popular for its quiet cycling and long walks. You can relax in any one among so many lakes in the area, visit market, play golf or just your wine at a pavement cafe.

The English speaking guides are available at certain times during a day, so you need to check on them while planning a guided tour to this lovely and enriched valley of Loire.