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Located on the banks of the river Loire and Cher, Tours is one of the oldest French cities and over the years it has managed to preserve the the charm of the past as well. Most of the objectives that are present here are worth visiting, especially the ones in the southern part. These are situated into a small area in which car traffic is restricted.

As a consequence, you will always have the chance to walk on the quite streets of Tours in areas that are reserved for pedestrians and especially visitors. In here you can find numerous old buildings and churches, several museums, and shops, bars and restaurants as well. Other major objectives include the Cathedral of Tours, the local station, the Palace of Justice and the few government buildings of the nineteenth century.

Tours cathedral

Like everywhere in France, you can find many little restaurants where food and drink are very good. If you do not have much money to spend in this matter, you are advised to ask for “Menu du jour” (Menu of the day), which usually costs between 9 and 20 Euro (depending on the location you choose for eating). What is really interesting is the fact that this menu is a universal one and is included in most venues. If you were impressed, however, you can give 5-10% more, which is the regular amount for tipping the waiters of the area. There is also a very nice brasserie in the Place de la Victoire, where the daily menu consisted of oysters and beer.

However, always pay attention because during weekends many restaurants are closed. As in all provincial French cities, most shops are also closed on Sundays. However, you can still visit the touristic sights, such as:

St Gatien Cathedral: definitely worth a visit as one of the most beautiful in the region and even from France. Inside you will find numerous decorations and religious objects.

Tours old town

Place them Puellier St.Pierre: situated in the old town of Tours, being its center, this square is surrounded by many old houses, small shops, restaurants.

Wine Museum: an original museum, where you’ll learn all about the wine industry and its history in the region of Touraine.

Musee des Beaux Arts: a great museum for those passionate about art, with a rich collection of paintings, which are found in works by Rembrandt and Hals.

Musee du Compagnonnage: here you can learn more about the guilds that have built castles in the region.