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One of the most attractive settlements in France is located in the Haute-Marne Departement. This city has over the years played host to thousands of visitors yearly, who have not ceased to continue to troop in. Sincerely, why would anyone not be interested in Langres? It is a famous city which has earned itself the reputation of being one of the fifty most beautiful in France. Hence it has become irresistible to all who endeavor to call.

Really, to get to Langres is not as easy as reaching some other cities in France. However, the city which is of equal distance from Geneva and Strasbourg airports is renowned for outstanding rail and road network.

With history that dates back to two millennia, Langres is said to be the home of the Gallic tribe, several years ago and later the Romans.  As the Middle Ages unfolded, Langres grew in prominence. In fact, the office of the Bishop of Langres held sway militarily and politically. Insinuation of conflicts that may arise made the construction of fortifications one of the major security measures in Langres.

The fortifications at Lagres are some of the highlights of visit to this beautiful city. Visitors cannot but be captivated as they walk on the rampart, taking a view of the spectacle below. The city can be seen from here and also the Bonelle and Marne valleys. The Plateau de Langres and the Vosge mountains are clear sights from the ramparts too. In fact, you will enjoy the surrounding landscape as you take your time out to stroll on the ruins estimated to cover over 4 km in distance.

Consisting of seven gates, and twelve towers, the rampart, witnessed progressive construction and therefore showcases architectural designs that characterize various times in the history of Langres. The most recent gate there is the Terreaux gate which was constructed in 1855, while the oldest, the Triumphal gate dates back to the first century AD at the time of Roman rule. This is a place that is actually note worthy as you also come across other gates like the Windmill Gate, which was erected in 1647. The towers are there for your viewing pleasure too. So as you explore, you will see the Navarre, Oval and St Didier towers.

The religious buildings that mark the landscape of Langres are enough to engage every caller. You will see hidden by the Langres Cathedral, a 12th century structure which is a must see for every visitor. In addition, the white Friars monastery and the Jesuit college are very important sites that you will fall in love with too.

More over, the four lakes in Langres have been places where tourists and natives avail themselves some memorable moments. And for water sport enthusiasts, you will have to visit the Lac de la Liez. For families and lovers of wildlife, especially, birds, endeavor to visit the Lac de la Vinganne.