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    If you are eager to embark upon a holiday that promises great fun and high spirits, there are few destinations as good as California. Located on the West Coast of America, California is the type of place where backpackers reach their very own version of nirvana.

    One of the great things about California is its sheer variety. This is one of the biggest states in America, and as a result the spectrum of things to do is wide enough to accommodate just about every kind of traveler, each with their own unique tastes and preferences.
    Los Angeles

    If you want to take a good look at big city life while backpacking in California, a trip to Los Angeles is a must. This, after all, is the epicenter of the movie-making world; spend a day spotting celebs in Hollywood before heading over to the iconic Sunset Strip for a cooling drink or four.

    For backpackers, Stay Hotel/Youth Hostel is perhaps the best hostel Los Angeles has. Friendly and fun, it’s everything a gallivanting backpacker could want from accommodation in Los Angeles.
    San Francisco

    After staying in Los Angeles, the next destination for many backpackers is San Francisco. The primary attraction here is Golden Gate Bridge, which is a staple among travelers looking to take a postcard-photo to send back home.

    For the gourmet, meanwhile, San Francisco’s Chinatown is considered one of the best in America, with its Chinese delicacies impressive enough to basically warrant a visit to the city in their own right!

    The nightlife in San Francisco is also immensely vibrant. Bars and clubs here tend to be grouped by the area they are to be found in: North Beach for seedy hangouts, Haight-Asbury for young and trendy hipsters, SoMa for those in the money, and The Castro for members of the LGBT community.

    When it comes to finding a good hostel San Francisco also has a lot to offer young backpackers looking for a comfortable night’s sleep after a weekend of frolicsome fun. The Adelaide Hostel, for example, is a cheap yet excellent option; for a very reasonable price, you get comfortable surrounds, sociable neighbors, and a complimentary breakfast.
    Going Rural

    The sea is one such attraction. California’s sea is blue, beautiful, and – in places – blessed with truly awesome surf. It is, as such, a favorite hangout for surfing backpackers, who hit the beach and its waves day after day after day.

    If that sounds a little strenuous, a visit to the vineyards of the Napa Valley may well prove a good alternative. A trip here means little more than kicking back in the sunshine, sipping from a glass of wine, and then sipping from another glass of wine! A bus runs from San Francisco direct to the Valley, passing some splendiferous stretches of green scenery on the way.

    With all these popular destinations and more, California has emerged as a favorite destination for backpackers. So if you are all geared up for a holiday, this is the place to visit for unlimited enjoyment well within a typical backpacker’s budget.
    Before settling down and becoming a copywriter for Jonny Cooper did a backpacking tour of California and he checked out a variety of hostels in California

    and a San Francisco hostel

    (Author: Jonny Cooper)

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