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    Skiing In Chile

    If you are looking for a more exotic skiing trip, why not consider Chile? One of the world’s finest skiing regions, Chile is a great place for skiing enthusiasts of any age any skill level.  Why not consider Chile as an alternative skiing destination with international appeal, and pick up some of the Andean culture along the way!

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    Peru Bird Watching

    Peru bird watching is one of the greatest things a bird watching hobbyist could ever experience. This is because the place provides a great background not only on magnificent bird life but can also present to you a landscape gifted with almost everything the nature has to offer.
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    Adventure vacation in Brazil

    A memorable adventure vacation should entail not just the people you are with but the impact of the place that you have been into. And going to Jericoacoara in Brazil can do just that. If you go on an adventure vacation in a very inviting place such as this, you will no longer have to worry about the people you are with or any other minor considerations because what the place offers will surely captivate your heart.
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    Patagonia beach resorts

    Whales, penguins, guanacos, hares, marine elephants, birds: the almost virgin Patagonian region is one of the most wonderful places on earth for sightseeing and ecologic tourism. Read the rest of this entry »

    Carnivals of Brazil: Unidos Da Tijuca Samba School

    In the culture of the Carnival in Brazil, samba-schools play a vital role, having established themselves as the center institution. In Rio de Janeiro, there are probably more than 100 samba-schools of different sizes. We will shortly describe the emergence of “Unidos da Tijuca Samba-School”, the third oldest samba-school in Brazil. The description of Unidos da Tijuca helps the understanding of the process of conception of a typical samba-school in Brazil, since other schools went through very similar historic paths. Like most samba-school founders, Unidos da Tijuca “fathers” aimed to defend the roots of traditional Brazilian folklore as well as to fight for popular causes. Fights that were always present on their ancestors’ blood and soul, suffered and purged from the cultural expression that the loved and grew: the samba. Let´s see how the story of this samba-school helps in the understanding of the samba and Carnaval culture in Brazil. Read the rest of this entry »

    Honeymoon vacation in Argentina

    Arriving in Argentina you will be met in arrivals in Corrientes by your pilot who will bring you by light aircraft across the stunning landscape of Esteros del Iberá, landing on a grass runway next to the Estancia. Read the rest of this entry »

    Brazilian Samba Carnavals

    Legendary and mythical “Baianas” are one of the most known characters of the Brazilian Carnaval and surely represent the utmost samba tradition and authenticity (aside with the Flag-Bearers and Samba-hosts). Foreigners and Brazilians simply fall under a spell when they ‘float’ through the Sambadrome´s runaway. Some of the “Baianas”, having more than 90 years old, still show plenty of vigor and charisma, as they are reverenced by public and samba-school members themselves. They are respected not only by their age and costume distinctness, but principally because of the ritualistic folklore they symbolize. In this article, we will describe the unmistakable element of the ‘Baianas’ at the Brazilian Carnival culture. Read the rest of this entry »

    Top Destinations in South America

    South America is one of the most fascinating continents in the world. Geographically diverse, culturally rich and historically intriguing, this continent is a great destination for travelling, with South America adventure holidays being popular. Here are some of the best places to visit on South America holidays. You can choose one or combine several for extended South America tours. Read the rest of this entry »

    Brazil visitor information

    Brazil is the largest country from South America, bordering each country of the continents except for Ecuador and Chile. It is a country of contrast, of great beaches, the fantastic Amazon forest, great soccer players and of course Carnival time. Brazil has a lot to offer: an extraordinary mixture of races and cultures, a wide range of weather patterns, great cities with a mix of high technology and slums. Read the rest of this entry »

    Galapagos Islands wildlife

    The central appeal of Galapagos Islands holidays is the wonderful variety of wildlife to be found there. Because the creatures on the islands have evolved with relatively little interference from man, they do not fear humans. This means that on your Galapagos tour, you can get up close to the following creatures for an unforgettable experience, and some good photos. Read the rest of this entry »