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    Europe is blessed with a wonderful array of capital cities. These are places where life comes busy, interesting, and varied, as there’s always a welter of things to do and see during free time. From music performances to cinema showings, and from historical landmarks to fascinating galleries, the following capitals just about have it all…


    Infinitely vibrant Berlin leads the way in cutting edge culture. Contemporary art and electric beat-led nightlife are at the fore of things here, and the consequential trendy and cool vibe can be felt wherever you go in the city.

    Berlin is not just a hip hangout for today’s youth, however. This is an old city that’s seen a lot, and its culture is just as influenced by the monuments and museums testifying to the past as its clubs and galleries that so look to the future.


    Rome is like a delicatessen of cultural opportunities: it’s all laid out on display here, and the range of options is so heady and diverse you’ll probably struggle choosing exactly what to do.

    For dance and performance, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni is the place to go in Rome, while contemporary art lovers should seek out the Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo. For a real slice of high culture, meanwhile, try getting a ticket to an opera held at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. There’s nothing like doing it in style in Rome.

    There are many apartments in Rome available for rent, and these prove a great base from where to explore the city’s cultural delights.


    As with Berlin, London is a great mix of the old and the new. By day, explore the museums and art galleries of England’s capital, before letting your hair down and plunging into the bright lights of nighttime.


    Spread across seven hills, Lisbon is a beautiful and surprisingly untouched European capital. From the beautiful whitewashed apartments Lisbon boasts to its splendid neoclassical architecture, this is a great place to explore if you want to get an idea of traditional Portuguese culture.


    The Golden Art Triangle is most visitors’ first point of call when it comes to a cultural binge in the Spanish capital. Having exhausted the Reinsa Sofia, the Prada, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, grab a seat in an outdoor cafe in the Plaza Mayor, and watch as daily culture whizzes by.

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    Paul Collins is a UK-based travel writer who has never been able to get enough of Spain. Over the course of countless spur-of-the-moment vuelos Barcelona (or flights to Barcelona!) he’s developed an intimate knowledge of and deep love for the Catalan city.

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