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    Its true that with the advent of summer season, nightmares of scorching sun rays started to haunt us frequently. But, as we know every coin has two facet, in the similar way summer season also enfolds some special attractions within its kitty.

    Mangoes, the “king of all fruits” are the true gift of summer season and to celebrate the appearance of this delicious fruit, Mango festivals are organizes with utmost joy and gaiety throughout the country. These mango festivals are golden opportunity to witness and savour the innumerable varieties of mangoes under one single roof.

    Every year during the month of July, Delhi Tourism Board in collaboration with the Delhi government organizes Mango festivals with great enthusiasm. Delhi Tourism Board is doing a commendable job by fulfilling the thirst of Mango lovers as well as providing an excellent platform to the mango farmers to display their products.

    Mango festivals are the real treat of Delhi’s summer season. This year Delhi has celebrated its 21st Mango Festival. Dilli haat’ at Pitampura, Pragati Maidan near Nizamuddin Railway Station and Talkattora Stadium at Central Delhi are the three most popular places in Delhi which hosts Mango Festivals every year.

    Almost 500 varieties of Mangoes are the prime attractions of these festivals that are produced in different regions of the country. Here, you will get to see some exceptional breeds of Mangoes along with the common ones like Dushehari, Langra, Alphonso, Kesar, Papitiyo, Tommy Atkins, Sensation and Nazuk Badan. Some of the unique varieties that are show cases here are Sirki, Suwarn, Neeleshwari, Royal SP, Raddy Pasand, Himasagar, Kensington, Neelam, Banganpalli.

    Mangoes such as Abdullah, Ramkela, Aishwarya, Bombay Green from Kaleemullah Khan’s nursery. And one of the rare species of Mango, Gula by Tariq Mustafa from Purkazi in Muzaffarnagar are also the key attractions of the Mango festivals.

    These festivals has lots more exciting activities and highlights, so that you can completely immerse yourself in the aroma of Mangoes such as Mango Quiz, Mango eating competition, sale of fresh mangoes and processed fruits like pickles, chutney, mango pulp, juice, jelly, aam papad, jam and aam panna. You can spree on the fruit for free, can buy a small mango tree or or can also purchase wide varieties of mango from the festivals.

    So, if you are planning to visit Delhi during summer season, check out the dates of Mango festivals as you can’t afford to miss such unique and enchanting festival of India.

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    (Author: Jolly Mazumdar)

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