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  • Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles

    The Max Factor Building on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles is the home of the Hollywood Museum.  Spread out over four separate floors of the Hollywood Museum, there are 10,000 exciting articles straight out of the show business world.  

    Exhibitions include a photograph display and a massive gathering of props and costumes from the movie world.  Probably the main attraction of this museum is to see certain items that came from the actual movie set.  Visitors may see the real Superman costume, Rocky’s boxing gloves, a variety of dresses worn by stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Jodie Foster, Elizabeth Talyor and Sophia Loren among many others. There are also actresses whose items or belongings have created a separate department in the museum, such as Mae West and Marilyn Monroe.

    A particularly impressive exhibit at the museum features the ‘Moulin Rouge’ windmill, in addition to other articles from the movie itself.  Fans of ‘The Planet of the Apes’ will be pleased to discover exhibits from these movies.

    The museum also hosts personal items that belonged to the stars themselves including actors like Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Greta Garbo and Tom Cruise.  The list is seemingly endless.  Movie fans visiting this museum may move from props to costumes and real elements of the movies.  Not much imagination is required to dream up the actual actor or actress into the clothes from the film.

    The Hollywood Museum is full of many star connected items straight from the film set and is a must for all movie lovers.

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