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    Planning a trip to Australia can be quite an undertaking. Why? The size of the country and the variety of scenery, cities, and activities to decide between can boggle your mind. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and it is just a little smaller than the contiguous United States. Between the cosmopolitan cities, the beaches, magnificent deserts, the bush, and the outback, making a travel plan will take some creative thinking. Here are some of the most visited and most beautiful attractions that Australia offers.

    Kata Tjuta National Park and Uluru

    This park is in the southern end of what is known as the Northern Territory and is considered to be in the “outback”, although this term actually refers to any area in Australia that is considered remote. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and contains one of the most famous natural features in the country. Uluru is giant red single piece of rock that juts out of the earth to a height 348 metres and extends about 1.5 miles underground. The park has 36 different rock domes scattered throughout its boundaries.

    The Great Barrier Reef

    No one who visits Australia should miss experiencing The Great Barrier Reef, which is in northeast Australia off the coast of Queensland. The area extends for 2600 kilometres and is comprised of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. Although protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, there are plenty of areas where you can enjoy scuba diving and the beauty of the reefs. Boat trips from many cities along the coast are available, and some of the continental islands like Lady Elliot Island have beautiful resorts at which to stay.

    The Gold Coast

    The Gold Coast is a city in southeast portion of Queensland that has 57 kilometres of coastline. This is one of the most popular surfing areas in Australia and some of the best surf breaks are found at beaches like Surfers Paradise, Broad beach, and The Spit. The city itself has a vibrant nightlife and many other attractions.


    Sydney is another large city that offers culture, fine restaurants, and nightlife along with sunny beaches and hospitality. Sydney is known for its Aussie hospitality. Its famous skyline shows the unmistakable Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Darling Harbour is a renovated industrial district that now offers dozens of restaurants, bars, and shops.

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