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    Europe’s most charming destinations

    Europe, the mother of most civilization practiced in the world today, industrialization and home to some of the words most spectacular holiday destinations. Centuries of improvement in architecture and constructions have made Europe be the proud host of some of the most beautiful cities on earth. Cities such as Paris, Rome and little known places such as Santorini are a spectacle to experience. The culture and food of the people make you think what it is that Europe does not have to offer. Italian food is a world favorite and French food too attracts thousand annually. Beautiful landscapes dot the field of England and Spain, so if you are not into cities, you could always come to view what mother nature has made out of Europe, whether it is beautiful landscapes, beaches or even rain forests.

    Let us not forget, that we do not all live in Europe, and to get there, you need to get yourself a self on a plane and jet all the way to Europe. Since we may be on a budget, we need to secure awesome Flight deals, especially if travelling with your family or group of friends. So, in addition to telling you which are some of the most charming places to visit in Europe, I will share with you some few tips on how to secure the best flight deals. Read the rest of this entry »

    Skiing In Italy

    Italy has always been a consideration for those interested in experiencing the Alps for less. Having said that, it is still considered one of the top European skiing countries today, and is a magnificent place to take a skiing vacation. There is a certain romance about Italy that makes it the number one choice for so many skiers each year, and it is easy to see the attraction with the place. From its northern snow-tipped peaks, you can also venture towards the cultural hotbeds of Rome and Turin, and experience Italy as it is intended, as well as its amazing ski slopes.

    Read the rest of this entry »

    Honeymoon in Italy

    Italy is a remarkable country with a wonderful legacy. A honeymoon in Italy, with its unique blend of history and culture, is an unforgettable experience! Italy is a country with a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. It demonstrates outstanding cuisine, has beautiful cities, a gorgeous coastline plus many sites of dramatic and rugged natural beauty. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon gliding down the canals of Venice in a gondola, or skiing in the Italian Alps, Italy is a superb destination.

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    Renting villas in Sicily

    Sicily was the number one tourist destination in Italy last year and is becoming more and more popular for those who are looking to purchase a home or rent a villa. Financial Times wrote an article last year about Sicily stating that”is one of the last outposts of traditional Italian life” and this has to stand for something. Read the rest of this entry »

    Travel to Lucca in Tuscany

    Lucca in Italy, is an Tuscan town that is known for its winding narrow lanes, great architecture and medieval buildings. The city is and ideal place for navigating on foot as the 16th century walls that surround the city limits the amount of vehicles inside the city wall. Read the rest of this entry »

    Travel to Friuli-Venezia Giuli region, Italy

    If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Friuli-Venezia Giuli region of northeastern Italy, bordering on Austria and Slovenia. For simplicity’s sake we abbreviate the region’s full name to Friuli. Depending on your interests, Friuli may be an ideal vacation spot. You can get classic Italian food and other specialties, and wash it down with fine local wine. While Friuli is not exactly undiscovered by tourists you usually won’t be fighting crowds to see what you want. Read the rest of this entry »

    Calabria Carnevales

    Calabria forms the foot of the Italian boot. This region is in the heart of the Mezzogiorno, the south of Italy. Who would expect to find an Albanian Carnival here? Who would expect to find an African Carnevale here? Keep on reading to learn about some of the most distinctive Carnevales in all Europe. Read the rest of this entry »

    Travel to Maremma, Tuscany

    Maremma is a place found in the western part of Tuscany. This region is located in the border of Lazio in the south and Umbria near the east. Most part of Tuscany has already been explored and is already commercialized. However, they seem to have left Maremma. Maremma is the western part of Tuscany. The place remains little unknown to many tourists and you can’t even find this place in popular guidebooks. Because of this, the place is less crowded and it is much cheaper to travel to this place than any other place in Tuscany. Read the rest of this entry »

    Italy top tourist attractions

    Italy is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. It’s a favorite of millions of tourists worldwide. And who can blame them? Nobody can resist the charms of Italy’s culture and architecture. This boot-shaped country was, after all, the home of the Legendary Romans and the Heroes of the Renaissance. Indeed, if you’re going to go to Italy, be prepared to have your breathe taken away by the sheer beauty of the place. Read the rest of this entry »

    Spending a day in Florence

    The city of Florence is a popular destination for numerous tourists every year. It’s not hard to see why. The capital of the Tuscan region boasts fantastic architecture, wonderful cuisine and a beautiful climate. Many visitors can’t stop returning to this magical place. Read the rest of this entry »