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    Adventure vacation in Turkey

    Many people would raise eyebrows if a vacation off to Turkey is mentioned. But, to those that are into adventure vacation, a trip to Turkey, especially in Gaziantep spells as a fun-filled ADVENTURE! This is because the place, the Gaziantep province, can be found at the southeast part of the country—which most tourist have not stepped foot onto.
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    TOP Historical Sites in Turkey

    On holidays to Turkey you’ll see a country that was once at the centre of a great empire, as well as the meeting of two continents. Accordingly there are a number of historical sites and museums you can visit during your Turkey holidays, exploring the buildings and monuments that still offer a glimpse into another time. Read the rest of this entry »

    New Golf Holiday Destinations

    The idea of golfing holidays is not a new one and in fact many destinations have built a healthy tourist trade providing for the needs of the golfer on vacation. Typically it was the resorts of southern Spain and Portugal that held all the cards when it came to attracting golfers but that may be changing with alternative destinations working hard to catch up. Read the rest of this entry »

    Turkish Blue Cruise Holiday

    When most people think of cruise ships they imagine huge ocean going liners equipped with all kinds of luxuries where guests are treated to five-star service as they are journeyed around the oceans, stopping over at busy resorts to disembark for sightseeing trips and excursions. Read the rest of this entry »

    Turkey Top Vacation Destinations

    Beach holidays to Turkey offer beautiful scenery, white sands and warm waters. And with a number of excellent resorts to choose from, you can expect a holiday that ideally suits you. Here are 4 of Turkey’s top holiday destinations. Read the rest of this entry »

    Walking the Ancient Lycian Way in coastal Turkey

    The Roman province of Lycia was believed to be the first federation in the world that openly embraced democratic principles. These principles would later become the setting stone of the American Constitution. Nowadays the ancient kingdom of light, as Lycia was once known, is a popular holiday destination for visitors that want to make the most of the breathtaking beaches and ancient attractions on a Turkey walking holiday. Read the rest of this entry »

    Holiday in Fethiye, Turkey

    If your searching for a holiday deal in Turkey that has a perfect blend on adventure, stunning beaches, amazing mountain views and a bit of History thrown in then look no further than the resort of Fethiye. Fethiye makes and ideal destination for a cheap holiday, it’s also ideally situated on the south western coast of Turkey just 1 hours drive from Dalaman airport. Read the rest of this entry »

    Golf Holiday in Turkey

    Turkey is perhaps not the first destination that comes to mind when thinking about a golf break. However, golf tourism in Turkey is a blossoming industry and there’s good reason for its emergence as a country offering some of the best golf breaks available. Read the rest of this entry »

    Bodrum Turkey tourist attractions

    The Turkish port town of Bodrum (formerly Halicarnassus) is located in the south west province of the country in the Mugla Province. The town is located at the bottom tip of the southern coast Bodrum peninsula facing the popular Greek Tourist Island of Kos. The area is most famous now for its harbour and popular amongst yachting enthusiasts. Read the rest of this entry »

    Turkey Luxury Holiday

    Like some destinations, your trip to Turkey will not be boring. Just like its location astride two continents, Turkey’s culture is a blend of Eastern and Western traditions.

    Holidays at Turkey include more than just the beaches. The country is also famous for its rich history. Located right at the junction of two continents, the area was cherished by both, the East and the West. The legacies of these cultures are a delight for the tourists of the present time. Read the rest of this entry »