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    If you long for natural beauty in a country steeped in ancient traditions, Vietnam is the vacation destination for you. Situated to the east of Laos and Cambodia, just to the south of China, this tropical country with its breathtaking scenery is guaranteed to make you want to return, again and again.

    The landscape comprises of tropical lowlands, with mountains covered in dense forest and green hills that roll as far as the eye can see. The two main rivers, the Red River and the Mekong, end in magnificent deltas covered in mangroves, that make for wonderful places to go on a cruise in.

    Vietnam package travel is an excellent option for people looking for a vacation in this exquisite land. They provide nearly everything you will require on your trip - travel, accommodation, and sometimes a percentage discount on food. Some Vietnam package travel offers conducted tours across the country, and may also include short cruises along the rivers.

    Typical Vietnam package travel will take you across the 1000 year old capital city of Hanoi, the picturesque Halong Bay, the mountain retreat of Sapa, the country town of Ninh Binh and the traditional Thai country town of Mai Chau. Within even a short span of three weeks, you get to imbibe slices of Vietnam’s history, its traditions, as well as its flora and fauna. Usually, activities involved include a stay in the Thai-style treehouses of Mai Chau, a ride on the water in a Chinese junk through Halong City, hiking along the rolling hills, and partaking of traditional hospitality.

    Vietnam has long been known for all the wrong reasons, but things are thankfully beginning to change. The true worth of this ancient nation, which still preserves many of its age-old customs in certain pockets and rural areas, is just beginning to find recognition. If you are at a loss for vacation plans, then Vietnam package travel may be just the thing for you.
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    (Author: Jime Webster)

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