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Turkey is a country which is seeped in history and provides an excellent learning experience for all of the people who come to visit. If you are interested in visiting Turkey, your best bet is to expect a mix of culture and tradition, as well as modern living and events. There is beauty and harmony that exists in this mixture.

There are more than 20 different civilizations in Turkey. The county itself has a 10,000 year old history and heritage. A lot of the history of Turkey is still being discovered, which means that any time you visit this country you will have the chance to actually be part of history.

The history is all around you no matter where you are in Turkey – there are temples, theaters from ancient times, churches, mosques and tombs, as well as the architecture. In any city or town, you will be able to see statutes of gods, palaces and fortresses, as well as the multitude of museums that make this historical country and its past come to life.

In the smaller towns and villages, you will be able to witness a way of life that is lost in most societies. You can visit street fairs and street markets that have been open for thousands of years. In the cities, like Istanbul, you can get a glimpse of the modern details of life that are found in a contemporary society. The neatest thing about these modern details of this contemporary life is that they are found completely complacent, living alongside the traditional life and values. This is apparent in any look at the rich traditions of art and music that are enjoyed by all people. Turkey contains a blending of history and now, tradition and technology, in a way that little other places do.

Some of the other places that you might want to visit while you are in Turkey include Ankara, which is in the middle of the Anatolian desert and is the capital.

Here you will find many different museums and other attractions. You might also want to visit Antalya, which is a beach city on the Mediterranean coast, which is very beautiful and can lead to many afternoons soaking up not only the rays, but history as well. If you are in the mood for a resort town, try Bodrum, which is in the south of the Aegean sea, and has a yacht harbor and a port, where you can get a ferry ride to the Greek Island of Kos. Nowhere else has greater scenery that the area of Bodrum, because it is a bustling hub of activity of the best kind – relaxed beach and yachting activity that you wouldn’t expect to find in Turkey.


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