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Located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Sosua features breathtaking views, white sand beaches, rock formations, and luxurious resorts.

Once a small fishing village, Sosua now serves a greater function: it gives me a cool place to go on vacation that will impress my friends and family.

Its reasonable cost and proximity to Puerto Plata and Cabarete make it a centrally located travel destination for tropical lovers.


Originally settled by European Jews during World War II who set up a dairy community, Sosua inhabitants now include ex-patriot communities of Germans, Austrians, Canadians, and Americans. The Jewish settlers have moved on, but don’t worry; there’s still plenty of milk. The dairy is now owned by a Mexican multinational.

Native Dominican vendors operate numerous shops along Playa Sosua and will be more than happy to pretend they understand your 5th grade Spanish as long as you buy something. If you buy something expensive they might wait for you to be out of earshot before they ridicule you.

Sosua Beach


Located halfway between Puerto Plata and Cabarete, must see beaches, outdoor activities, and tourist traps abound.

Playa Sosua

The calm waters of Playa Sosua appeal to swimmers, snorkelers, divers, and people who like to hang out at the beach all day and check out Dominican hotties.

Rental equipment, available right on the beach at a reasonable price, provides ample opportunity for water sports enthusiasts to embarrass themselves in front of bikini clad onlookers and overweight tourists covered in sunblock.

An easy swim to the reef will impress nobody at the beach, but will become increasingly treacherous as you present vacation photos to people who have never been there and resent the fact that you have.

Beach Market

Looking for authentic, overpriced souvenirs, expensive booze, and imitation cigars? Look along Sosua’s main stretch of beaches.

The Beach Market embodies all the qualities that make tourists traps so tempting and cause our friends to ridicule us when we get back to the hotel with an overpriced phallic shaped bottle opener or an authentic Dutch wooden shoe made in China.

Keep in mind that haggling-or as snobby tourist like to call it, negotiating-is expected, so items are priced three to four times higher than you should pay.

Although most goods are shoddily made and overpriced, some of the local arts and crafts make excellent gifts for those back home who are secretly grinding their envious teeth gifts for those back home who are secretly grinding their envious teeth as you enjoy the wonders of the Dominican.

Monster Truck Safari

Join other tourists (who are just as sick and tired of other tourists as you are) on an excursion through the Dominican countryside, across rivers and streams, and into out of the way villages.

Included in the tour is an all you can eat buffet and unlimited soft drinks. Because nothing screams safety like enormous amounts of alcohol and riding in a monster truck over dangerous terrain, adults get all the rum they can drink.

Bring trinkets, pens, pencils, shower gel, and other items we take for granted to give to the locals, extra money for the shops, a towel, sunblock, and a camera for yourself, and a plastic bag for the guy next to you who is about to vomit from drinking too much rum.

Tours can be booked from the tour operator at your hotel.

Various Outdoor Activities

Get away from the busy tourist spots without running into other tourists trying to get away from the busy tourist spots by enjoying a mountain biking or hiking excursion.

Mountain bike tours reach places inaccessible to most tourists, which means you can ride around wearing those spandex biker shorts and only the natives and the guide who is paid to improve your self esteem can laugh at you.

One day hiking tours are available to those who would rather wake up with sore feet than expel bicycle seat rubber excrement for three days.

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