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Veliki Tabor castle, located in the Hrvatsko zagorje region, is numbered among the most attractive and best-preserved monuments of medieval fortification architecture in Croatia and in this part of Europe.

Veliki Tabor (Great Encampment) is a fortified medieval aristocratic hilltop burg situated in the northwestern part of the Hrvatsko zagorje region in the municipality of Desinić.

The oldest sections of this top-category cultural monument date from the 12th century, while its current appearance dates from the 19th century. The castle was owned by many prominent Croatian families, such as the Counts Celjski, and it was after their possession that the unhappy legend of Veronika Desinićka emerged.

The castle covers over 3,000 square metres of floor space and its interior contains, among other things, galleries adorned with circular columns, a court chapel, a wine cellar with a large winepress, a large well and the most attractive part of Veliki Tabor – the grand rustic hall.

Veliki Tabor Castle

The castle houses many collections, such as those featuring old vehicles and pottery, and a well stocked ethnographic collection. A noteworthy visual arts gallery, a presentation of the first medications factory, presentations of fencing, musketeers and the armour of the “wretched knight” are only a few of the fascinating exhibits in this engrossing museum and excursion grounds in the Hrvatsko zagorje region.

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