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Vilamoura is both a town and an area in the Algarve. It is the largest and probably the most upmarket tourist area in all of Europe. Here every taste is catered for from the most luxurious to the basic as is required. While it boasts of some extremely expensive hotels here you can also find some relatively cheaper accommodation. There is an extensive marina where you can keep your own cruiser or yacht or where you can just walk around and inhale the fresh air. Vilamoura was designed and built as a tourist area and is not Jusa an old town or city which has been updated to welcome the modern tourist.

Vilamoura Marina

There is so much wealth just floating on the water here! It is really for the rich who go out in their boats in the morning, or who play golf on one of the six adjoining golf courses. And these courses are not for beginners. You must hold a recognized handicap to be able to join in the championships. It is a place for famous people, golf players, film stars, televison personalities, yacht sailors, and maybe some people who come along just to see how the other half of the population lives. And as night falls all these people crowd into the hotels and bars and restaurants to talk about their marvellous feats or accomplishments during the day gone by. But if you are not one of these filthy rich you still have plenty to do. You too can go on a boat trip or go out on your bicycle or on a designed walking tour. And to satisfy your whetted appetite when you return, you can choose a restaurant to suit your wallet as you study the extensive range of menus. If you still have some money to spare and you like a gamble you can visit some of the casinos and try your luck there.

If you want you can play all the tennis you like or the more relaxing game of bowling. If you are of the equestrian mind you can take some riding lessons in the school or you can go and practice your aim at shooting. If you really want to sit down you can go to the cinema and see the latest releases.

Here there is something for all ages whether children, teenagers, swimmers, sunbathers, surfers or divers. And while you are there you cannot miss a visit to the remains of the old Roman fortifications which protected the entry into and out from the region for so long and see where they took their baths after their heavy day’s marching.