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If you are planning your vacation to Dubai, a primary business and tourism hub, there are numerous aspects you should carry in mind. Since the culture here is different, you need to steer clear of doing a range of activities, in order to avoid offending anyone or getting into trouble.

  • Don’t drink in public

Even though out of all Muslim countries, Dubai is certainly the most liberal locations, particularly when it comes to alcoholic beverages, you need to pay attention to the rules. You can enjoy a good range of alcoholic drinks at public licensed clubs, bars, and restaurants, however, never drink in public. Under no circumstances should you drive drunk, as the tolerance concerning drunk drivers equals zero in Dubai.

  • Don’t listen to music in public

Playing loud music on the streets of Dubai is also frowned upon and should be avoided by foreign travelers that want to keep themselves out of trouble.

  • Don’t take photographs of people

When traveling to a foreign land, with different customs and culture, it is tempting to take as many pictures as possible. Taking photos of people’s traditional national dress is also popular. However, in Dubai, you have to be respectful to the conventions when it comes to taking pictures of locals, women in particularly. Locals convey this custom as rude; if you do want to take a picture, you should always ask, and only afterward proceed and take the snap.

  • Don’t display your affection in public

In the UAE, the law forbids having sex out of wedlock. Even though this doesn’t mean that every couple visiting Dubai has to be married, you should still be cautious. In other words, you should avoid displaying your affection in public; more explicitly, kissing, or other displays should be avoided.

  • Don’t dress improperly

Since Dubai is a Muslim country with Muslim traditions, it goes without saying that you should pay attention to the way in which you dress. Even though Dubai is a stylish city, wearing overly revealing, short, and tight pieces of clothing is frowned upon. For instance, there are various signs which are part of a modesty campaign in Dubai, which require women to dress relatively conservatively, avoiding to reveal their shoulders and knees.

  • During Ramadan, don’t eat in public

If you’re traveling to Dubai during the month of Ramadan, namely the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, under no circumstances should you eat, drink, or smoke in public. Even chewing gum is conveyed as disrespectful during this time of the year. Certainly, in the premises of your hotel, you can eat.

  • Don’t forget to book your airport transfer

Dubai is a city that draws millions of tourists yearly. If you wish to save time at the airport and be driven to your accommodation promptly, opt for professional Dubai airport transfers. That means no waiting in line for a taxi, and arriving at your destination quickly and comfortably. If for instance, you are traveling with a larger group, you can book a minivan or bus.