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Albeit Vienna begs for an extended stay, a short visit of 24 hours can account for the perfect introduction into the unique atmosphere of the city. The capital has earned the reputation of being an epicenter of culture, art, and good music, while the far-reaching, unique traditions being interwoven with the current, modern cultural scene. Vienna is a treat for the eager traveler. Follow our lead, if you wish to experience the city in 24 hours.

Get off a good morning start

When in Vienna, one shouldn’t miss having breakfast at one of the delightful cafes located near the center of the city. The Viennese take their morning rituals very seriously. Hence, you should follow their steps, and enjoy a steamy cup of fresh coffee, and the delicious Viennese Apfelstrudel.

Walk along the Ringstrasse

Enjoying a walk along the Ringstrasse will enable you to delve into the atmosphere of the city. Here, you’ll encounter some of the most majestic and famous architectural monuments, which carry great historical importance. A keen eye will quickly unravel the institutional importance of the buildings along the ages. If you head to the south, you’ll reach Karlsplatz, a town square surrounded by imposing churches as well as a Henry Moore sculpture.

Stand in awe at the Hofburg

The Hofburg has been the imperial residence of the highly acknowledged Habsburg dynasty. The architecture is opulent and majestic and doesn’t subpar luxury and prosperousness. You can admire the magnificence and splendor of the buildings, and the interiors as well if you want to visit. The connections of passages and squares provide you with solitude and quiet right in the core city.

Visit Schönbrunn Palace and its stunning gardens

You should also take the time to enjoy visiting the famous Schönbrunn Palace, which is characterized by majestic baroque architecture. A fantastic design features the gardens, as they are truly breathtaking, plus, visiting them comes at no expense.

Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Without fear of contradiction, this sanctuary is recognized as one of the remarkable symbols of the city. Its construction started back in the 12th century, and, until today, it is widely known as the most significant Gothic structure in the entire country. You can climb the stairs to the South Tower if you wish to soak in the fantastic view over the first district of Vienna. Breathtaking for the very least.

Consider a music performance

A perfect day in Vienna couldn’t possibly be perfect without attending a musical performance, opera or concert. Since it’s the word’s capital of culture and music, you can find an extensive variety to choose from – guarantee.

And lastly, to use every single minute of your time wisely, make sure you book your Vienna airport transfer services before getting to the city. In this way, you won’t waste any of your precious time waiting for the tram/bus, or being picked up by a taxi driver at the airport. An excellent alternative that will enable you to save money and, most importantly, time, because time is of the real essence when you’re in Vienna.