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In addition to standard European cuisine, Croatia offers its most popular local dishes and specialties. Among the cold dishes there is the renowned Dalmatian or Istrian prosciutto, the cheeses of the island of Pag or the Lika region, sheep’s cheese, the Slavonian kulen (a spicy cured pork meat speciality), the renowned garlic sausages (češnjovka) of Samobor and the Zagorje region, fresh cottage cheese with cream.

The main dishes on offer vary depending on the area that you are visiting. In Dalmatia, the Primorje coastal area, on the islands and in Istria, the dishes are based largely on fish and other seafood, or meat dishes such as the pašticada (a stewed lamb dish).

In continental Croatia, there is a wide selection of meat dishes, including the particularly prized roast turkey with mlinci (boiled rolled pastry), roast lamb, roast suckling pig, and boiled or baked štrukli (thin rolled pastry stuffed with fresh cottage cheese and cream).

Among desserts, apart from the already mentioned štrukli, there are walnut loaf, poppy seed loaf, and cheese or fruit strudel.