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For all those who are not fans of typical winter holidays and enjoying winter sports, that is to say for those who lean more to vacations in more peaceful surroundings and exploring tradition, Baranja offers an excellent tourism program spiced up with heritage, points of interest and, of course, tasty morsels and excellent vintages. The programs are currently more adapted to one-day tours, but the offer is also attractive for vacations of several days.

The distinct qualities of Baranja are mostly related to its traditional specialities – the kulen cured meat speciality, sausages, ham, cracklings and many other delicious tidbits – but making more and more of a name for themselves are the quality wines of four registered wine producing regions – those of Erdut, Feričanci, Baranja and Đakovo.

This is precisely why the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board has developed a project that will offer each of these four wine producing regions to tourists, not only through wine tasting on wine roads, but also as planned tours featuring all of the more important attractions.

The idea is that in the Baranja area, this being the far northeastern corner of the country, along the border with Hungary and Serbia, the tour starts in Bilje, that is to say at the palace of Eugene of Savoy, from where you head out to a not-to-be-missed place, the pearl of Baranja – the Kopački rit wetlands – where tourists will enjoy a boat ride and a short educational film on the wealth of this ornithological reserve.

This is followed by a tour of the forest ranger’s cottages in the surrounding Tikveš forests where tourists are treated to a hunter’s breakfast – bacon and sausages prepared over an open fire, mulled wine and brandy, and whoever wants to can enjoy a ride on a horse-drawn carriage. This is followed by a tour of the wine road in Zmajevac where tourists can taste some ten types of quality wine, and then it’s on to Suza for a traditional Baranja lunch – paprika-spiced fish stew.

The other mentioned wine producing areas have a similar offer but with different points of interest featuring the local culture and history. The city of Osijek also offers an abundance of its own attractive tales of interest to tourists – all in all the offer guarantees an interesting time spiced up with Baranja’s well-known tradition and hospitality.

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(photo: Milan Babić, Croatian Tourist Board)