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The massive waterfall of the world is Iguazu Falls, though its not longest or largest but does give competition to Victoria falls and Angel Falls. The beauty and splendour of this water falls is mind blowing. What a superb creation of nature! Meaning of Iguazu falls is Big water given by the indigenous tribe. Basically a Spanish name. It is also referred as Yguaza Falls in Paraguay. This is indeed superb wonder of the natural world. Iguazu falls and the National Iguazu Park is declared as the World heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Iguazu falls is network of 275 different waterfalls of the Iguaz River. Iguazu falls is on the border of the Argentina and Brazil in South America. You can visit the Iguazu Falls from both the country and it is rather advisable that when you visit the falls see it from both sides otherwise you trip to falls will not be complete. In Brazil there is a train which you can take to visit the falls and has many stops where you can get down and see around. Also there is boat cruise which will take you bit closer to the falls. Catwalks have been made on both sides where you can walk, stand and see the panoramic view of the water falls. This great waterfall will leave you gasping for breath with its beauty.

One of the most beautiful places to see the falls is Devil’s throat. It is U shaped, where the volume of water is maximum, it is here where the water fall is split between the two country. Devil’s throat is narrow horseshoe shape, when you visit that, you will surrounded by three side huge water walls. There are other water falls name Salto Eva, Salto Lanusse, Salto Chico, Salto Guardaparque Bernabe Mendez, Salto Adan, Salto Dos Hermanas, Salto bosseti, Salto Rivadavia, Salto Escondido and many other.

See this natural wonder of world, more naturally, by hiking and taking more scenic routes. Though in Brazil you can opt for helicopter view of the Iguazu waterfalls but take my suggestion spend one whole day in this beautiful place. Feel the nature its beauty, serene and tranquil moments. Even the jet boat tour can be done. There are many trails through which you can hike to see massive waterfall. Along with water fall the National park has many exotic colourful butterflies which you will love to see fluttering around. See other big predatory cats like Puma, Jaguar, Ocelot. Also animals lile banded tailed coatis are seen here. Various species of birds like parrots and toucans can also be seen.

If you get chance then take special tour of the waterfall by the moonlight and you will be in awe of the falls. You will love it. This massive waterfall is truly amazing and astonishingly beautiful.