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Zadar Museum of Antique Glass is a unique museum of its kind, not only in Croatia, but in the entire world. The public can see around 2,000 various glass objects from Antiquity, dating from the 1st century BC to the 5th century AD. These unique objects have been discovered in sites in Zadar, Nin, Starigrad beneath Velebit and in Asseria near Benkovac.

The antique glass from other parts of the country will be shown virtually so visitors can get an impression of the entire Croatian collection. Interestingly, the museum has another 2,000 glass objects stored away. Spread over 2,500 square metres, the museum also features a specialized library, conference hall, a glassblowing workshop and souvenir shop.

The museum was designed by architect Branko Siladin, and is located in the renovated and reconstructed historical palace of the Cosmecendi family. Before coming to the Zadar museum, the exhibits were shown in international exhibitions in Rome, Venice, Lisbon and other cities.

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