Osekovo rural tourism

The estate itself can accommodate large groups of visitors, and field education can be organized for school children of all ages. Visitors can come for the day or several days, during which the estate offers an ideal starting point to discover the entire region of Moslavina.

Croatian Lighthouses of the Adriatic

Nowadays some of the Adriatic lighthouses have been renovated, and 11 have been turned into accommodation for tourists fleeing from the overcrowded beaches and searching for a more intimate atmosphere behind the walls of lighthouse buildings. To be in solitude for a couple of days far away from the bustle is the dream of almost any business person, and a stay in the lighthouse suites offers an adventure on Robinsonian tourism next to the azure of the Adriatic.

Velebit caves

Croatia is known for its large number of interesting caves, located in all parts of the country. The Velebit mountain chain hides perhaps the majority of them and, as of this year, tourists will once again be able to take in some of the better known of the Velebit caves – the Cerovac Caves, which have been closed to the public over the past three years.

Opatija port

In any case, it’s dimensions were already altered by the builder of villa Angiolina, Iginio Scarpa, who wanted to make it suitable for his yacht, and it got its definitive shape during the interventions and expansions executed at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Next to the present-day restaurant Galija (ex Padovan, Jedro) was the one-time customs branch-office, and during the Italians today’s Yachting Club was the canoeist club (Club dei canottieri).