Église Saint-Eustache

If you are interested to view the best and biggest organ in Paris, then you need to pay a visit to the L’église Saint-Eustache. If you are interested to hear the same, pay a visit when the weekly organ recitals are conducted. This church, which was built between the years 1532-1632, lies at the entrance …

Église Saint-Augustin de Paris

Though Paris boasts of many churches, each one of them have their specific and fascinating points and it is no different with the Église Saint-Augustin de Paris. This church lies on the Ville arrondissement (administrative districts) of the city. The design of a greater part of this massive church is attributed to Baron Haussmann, the …

Église Saint-Sulpice

Paris is famous for various tourist sights including churches like the Église Saint-Sulpice. This Roman Catholic church lies on the eastern side of the Place Saint Sulpice. Dedicated to Sulpitius the Pious, Saint-Sulpice church is the second biggest of its type in the city.


If you are interested to learn more about Gothic architecture, especially that of the Rayonnant period, then you need to pay a visit to the La Sainte Chapelle. Sponsored by France’s King Louis IX, this Gothic chapel lies in Ile de la Cite in the center of Paris.

Paris by Night Tours

Paris is one of the tourist destinations of the world because of its historical landmarks and monuments. You will surely appreciate the magnificence of each tourist spots if explored in daytime. But, there is more when nighttime comes. By the time the museums are illuminated, you will feel the sudden change of atmosphere. The night …


Unquestionably the most famous name in the world of art museums, The Louvre largely deserves its renown. Enormous and filled with irreplaceable treasures from around the world, this premier series of exhibits offers something for everyone.