Pont Neuf

Tourists visiting Paris often waste so much time visiting other spots that they tend to forget that there is much more to the city than just churches and museums. Case in point is the Pont Neuf bridge. It is arguably one of the most beautiful and most renowned of bridges in Paris.

Pont des Arts

You should not miss viewing the Pont des Arts, especially if you posses a fascination for bridges and similar constructions. While crossing this splendor, try to keep in mind that this bridge was the first one of its kind, made out of iron, when it was constructed in the year 1803. More than two centuries …

Pont Royal

If you have checked out the other bridges in Paris and have understood about their history and significance, how about viewing the third oldest bridge of the city? Smaller only to the Pont Marie and the Pont Neuf, the construction of the Pont Royal consists of five elliptical arches.

Pont Saint-Michel

Named after a local chapel, the Pont Saint-Michel connects Place Saint Michel with the Île de la Cité. Tourists are surprised, looking at the awesome condition of the bridge, when they hear that this bridge was initially constructed in the year 1378. However, this bridge has been rebuilt over the years with the current one …

Pont des Invalides

With a usable width of 18 meters that includes two pavements of 2 meters each, the Pont des Invalides is a 152 meters long bridge that crosses the River Seine in Paris. What makes this bridge different from the others in the city is that it is the lowest bridge that crosses the River Seine.

Pont de la Concorde

If you are in Paris and wish to travel from quai des Tuileries to quai d’Orsay, there are two options open for you. You can either opt for a boat or you can cross the River Seine that separates these two points via the Pont de la Concorde. This is just one of the several …

Île de la Cité

Since all distances in the city of Paris are measured from the center of the Île de la Cité island, it would be a grave mistake if you did not visit it. It is one of the two natural islands that are situated right in the center of the Seine River. Parisians consider it as …

Île des Cygnes

Literally meaning the `Island of Swans,’ the Île des Cygnes is a small islands in Paris. However, it is not a natural one like the Île de la Cité. According to history, this island was created with the objective of protecting the port of Grenalle.