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Brussels is by far one of the most underrated cities in Europe as it is a mix of modern and historic, quiet and busy, and has various personalities spread in just several blocks. There is something cool and fun at every corner of the city, even for the most meticulous tourists. The following list provided by Welcome consists of seven super fun activities that can make your stay a memorable one.

#7 Beer Tasting at Cantillon Brewery

Unlike most breweries, this historic brewery produces lambic beer. It was formed in 1900 as one of the hundred or so breweries in the region. However, it is the one still in function after all that time.

Beer Tasting at Cantillon Brewery

#6 Visit the Grand Place

The Grand Place is one of Brussels most famous sights. At its center are a 15th century City Hall and six guild halls. Their striking architecture is perfectly in tune with the square. Some days the square turns into a flower market which looks impressive. Also, visiting the square at night gives you an entirely new perspective of its surrounding.

grand place brussels

#5 Check out the Old England Building

Built in the 19th century, this was once a department store. Nowadays, it is a museum that hosts over 2000 musical instruments. The cafeteria on the rood offers a memorable view of the city. But what makes the Old England Building so unique is its exquisite facade.

Old England Building Brussels

#4 Visit the Manneken Peeing fountain

This is one of those must-see things in Brussels for anyone visiting the city as it is a landmark that everyone knows and like to talk about. The statue was made in 1619, and since then people have been coming here to see it.

Manneken Peeing fountain brussels

#3 Visit Notre Dame Du Sablon

Notre Dame Du Sablon is a Gothic cathedral that was built in the 14th century. The cathedral was known for its Madonna statue that supposedly had healing powers. Thanks to that popularity the cathedral was extensively expanded in the century that followed. However, the statue was stolen and hasn’t been found until the present day. Nowadays, there is a lifesize replica inside the cathedral commemorating the story.

notre dame du sablon brussels

#2 Visit Palais Royale

Even though Palais Royale is the official residence of the royal family, most of the time they are not there but in Laeken. During the summer months, the palace is open for tourists. Its most notable room has a mosaic ceiling made of jewel beetles. The other rooms are splendid, as one would expect from a royal residence.

palais royale brussels

#1 Check out Musee Royaux Des Beaux Arts

Musee Royaux Des Beaux-Arts includes collections from both ancient and modern art. Some of its most famous art pieces are the paintings of Peter Rubens, Hans Hemling, Anthony Van Dyke, and the Fall of Icarus.

musee royaux des beaux arts brussels

Airport transfers

As in most European cities, the airport is the starting point for most tourists. There are four options for Brussels airport transfer; taxi, train, bus line (272 or 471), and welcome pickups. As expected, the train and bus are the cheapest options. A one-way bus ticket costs 3€, while train ticket costs 12.30€. Taxi costs around 47€, but that can vary from the current traffic and the time of day. On the other hand, welcome pickups offer online booking, pickup from an English speaking driver, and a flat fee.