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Planning your holiday on the Albanian by yourself may be a little difficult, because, while there are dozens of beatiful sandy and pebble sites most of them are completely undeveloped and are not used by the tourist industry.  Here we will look at just a few of these resorts. Down in the south of Albania about 80 kilometres from Greece you will find Himara which sits between the steeply descending mountains and the Adriatic. Most people here are Greek speaking and its closeness to Corfu invites an influx of tourists from there several times each day by ship. While there has been some development in this resort it is still mainly unchanged from its past and is being brought along with continuing its past traditions and appearances in so far as posssible. What you will notice is that in spite of its beauty it is still only becoming recognized as a wonderful resort.

Travelling north from there you will see dozens of perfect beaches suitable for swimming or snorkelling but which are almost completely empty because they still have escaped the attention of the tour operators. Probably the leader here is Dhermi which is a long beach and has some excellent facilities to offer. There is an open-air bar and an excellent recently  built holiday village developed up to a very high standard and which caters for everyone.  There are excellent hotels and villas and large and small house and chalets at very reasonable rates for every pocket.

Continuing northwards on your journey you will again pass by several lovely empty beaches unti you come to Mali Robit. This is the show-piece of Albania’s tourist industry. Depositied on the Adriatic coast and situated within a short distance of Tirana (thirty kilometres) this is more the kind of resort you are accustomed to. It has a Mediterranean look about it as you will see the long lines of parasols on the long beach framed by the background scraggy irregular mountain cliffs topped with greenery and fauna and several kinds of forest trees. Here is a little bit that fell from heaven and is a promordial paradise for holiday makers with all the fruit of that original Paradise.

Accommodation here is excellent. You will find the best hotels and lots of houses  and chalets which you can take at a reasonalbe cost.  You will enjoy your swimming, sunbathing, diving, surfing and the night life continues until long after sunrise.