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France is a very beautiful country with alluring villages scattered across the whole nation from the highlands to the lowlands and waterfronts. One of the communities that make up the overall beauty of France  is Albi. This place is located in the southern part of France on the River Tarn. Really, this town is made up of very captivating vista of architectural masterpieces and a charming riverside. The history that this place holds coupled with the abundance of outdoor activities has made Albi a haven for tourists.

Albi, Medieval street

The medieval center in Albi is protected and preserved with utmost care. As a matter of fact, this community is an epitome of a remarkable mix of entertainment and commerce.  As you view the town in the day light, it appears as if the red brick houses give way to pink hue. In fact, this alluring sight is complemented by the timber houses that dot the landscape. You will see in Albi, maps in public places that will help visitors navigate their way to those remarkable historical sites.

The Pont-Vieux- the Old bridge, La Cathdarale Saint-Ccile and the Palais de la Berbie, which is the sit of the museum of Henri de Toulousel-autrec are three important sites that treat visitors to wonderful moments in Albi.

The museum houses over 1000 works, which has earned it a reputation as the museum with the largest collection of Toulouse-Lautrec in the world. This is coupled with the childhood drawings of Henri and his thirty one posters.

As regards the gigantic St Ccile Cathedral, which was built for over a period of 100 years, the construction commenced in 1282 taking over three years for the painting to be completed. The largest pictographic work in the cathedral is the Last Judgment which was designed during the medieval times. Remarkably, all the works of art in this building still retain their authenticity.

Albi Cathedral

As regards accommodation, you can lodge at the Mercury Albi, a 3-star hotel with a serene atmosphere, facing the river Tarn.

In this remarkable town, as you journey eastward through the gorge of the riverTarn, you may decide to take a bike or go by ferry. But as you travel you will come across a unique site. They are the stone-built villages, the popular Roquefort cave, and the vineyards. In a cave where cheeses are grown by experts, the gates are opened to visitors the year round.

Other interesting sites which visitors will fall in love with are the Gallo-Roman ruins, the peculiar pre-20th century architectural masterpieces and the obvious touch of modern engineering on the landscape.

In addition to all these, you must make conscious effort to visit then world’s tallest bridge. The Norman Foster’s Viaduct, captivates callers too. Also you will love Les Vignes, rated as “a most beautiful village in France”

You will certainly be held spell-bound by Albi.