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Aruba is an island and top destination for all inclusive vacations in Caribbean Sea, being situated north to Paraguana Peninsula and Venezuela.

The small islet belongs to the Kingdom of Netherlands and the capital city is Oranjestad, this town being also the main gateway to hotels and beach resorts set on the island since in its outskirts is located the only international airport.

Aruba is popular on the international travel scene due to the very affordable all inclusive vacation packages provided by a number of high-rise beach resorts, many of them featuring spa centers and casino.

In the past few decades tourist industry grew significantly, and as a result nowadays the island’s economy depends significantly on the incomes generated by it and the related services. However, Aruba cooperates with the other islands of Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire and Curacao) in attracting more foreign tourists. Because of the intensive economically development, the living standard in Aruba is the highest in the entire Caribbean region.
Aruba VacationsAll Inclusive Packages To Deluxe Resorts In Aruba

Island of Aruba has a dry climate that is unique in Caribbean. This fact generates a consistently warm and sunny weather affording voyagers to take advantage year-round on the convenient all inclusive vacation packages supplied by some of the most exquisite hotels in the western hemisphere, largely featuring spa centers and casino.

Foreign visitors eager to take delight in relaxing beach vacations in Aruba have the opportunity to enjoy on this island azure waters, cooling breezes and white-sand seashores, as well as to see unique landscapes. The tropical ambiance in this terrestrial heaven is perfect both for lounging in the sun and for riding the waves… Along with fantastic moments spent on the coastline, tourists can take walks through the capital city and enjoy the colorful Dutch architecture, have a diner in restaurants with excellent cuisine, and step in shops with various products. Most luxury resorts in Aruba feature luxury accommodation amenities, high-class services, and numerous leisure facilities such as beauty and spa centers, swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, and many others.

Beaches in Aruba are perfect for sun-bathing and resting under shady huts, while the waters of Caribbean Sea are excellent for scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and windsurfing. A casino can be found almost at every footstep, while nightclub offer “wild” parties up to dawns, so travelers seeking for a lively vacation place are advised to consider seriously this piece of heaven!

Aruba belongs to popular tourist sites where people find many interesting things to do and see, and as a consequence it is considered by many travelers the best vacation destination in the entire Caribbean region. Accommodations, spa centers, restaurants, casino, bars, and shops are clustered together, making everything conveniently accessible in the favorite tourist sites of the island.