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If you are looking for an exceptional beachfront resort on Ambergris Caye in Belize, then you need to check out the Matachica Beach Resort.

A beachfront resort on Ambergris Caye looks and sounds like paradise when you read a holiday brochure, or read a hotel prospectus. The truth and fiction can be hard to separate from a distance, and it is too late when you arrive at your chosen resort to discover things are not what they seem.

Now there are over forty hotels in the vicinity of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, so this isn’t exactly an area that is short on hotels, and this may come as a surprise to you, because you believed Belize to be a vacation destination as yet undiscovered.

Therefore, it becomes even more important to choose the right beachfront resort for you, and to this end you should check out the exceptional Matachica Beach Resort.

Beachfront resorts anywhere in the world tend to come expensive, and you normally get what you pay for. The average price quoted is USD630 per night, so it isn’t cheap, or outrageously expensive, but it has some exceptional aspects to it to help you to have an outstanding Belize vacation.

To take a closer look at your beachfront resort destination, there are 18 rooms, and you ought to know that Matachica Beach Resort is ranked in the top six hotels in the vicinity of San Pedro. The accommodations include Beachfront Casitas, Sea View Suites, Sea Breeze Bungalows, Luxury Caribbean Villas, and finally the Beach Mansion.

They are all well furnished, and the Villas and the Beach Mansion are up a little higher, have the best views and also have kitchenettes, and can be for four persons. The rates include breakfast but not government taxes.

To get to Matachica Beach Resort you will be met at the airport you will be taken to the resort by boat, and this will be the way you get to San Pedro for shopping, wandering about, because the resort has regular boats coming and going all day.

Whichever choice of accommodation you take, you will find plenty of space, and well kept rooms, and a description of beautiful would not be out of place. Every evening you will find fresh flowers when the beds are turned down and cool water to drink. The accommodation may appear a bit rustic, but surely it is comfort that matters, and that you have in abundance.

The hammocks in the shade outside are just bliss, and the perfect place to see the sunrise, reading a good book with a good strong coffee. There is air conditioning but the famous Belize breeze means you’ll hardly ever need it on.

Everything is spruce and clean, and this includes the daily raked beach outside which incidentally is probably the best bit of beach in all of Ambergris Caye.

Food is an important part of a Belize vacation, and whilst the country doesn’t yet have a reputation as a gourmet paradise, you will love the food at Matachica Beach Resort. You will love the really huge continental breakfast, and there is seafood to die for, well the fish already did their part, because any fish caught by guests is prepared that night.

Prices in Mambo’s Restaurant aren’t cheap but the food is all gourmet quality food to await with anticipation ebery evening. You can eat out, then go to town by resort boat, but honestly the food at Matachica Beach Resort isn’t worth missing.

Matachica Beach Resort is a real beachfront resort so be prepared for sand everywhere. It is casual, relaxed and a million miles from the impersonal five stars that are springing up everywhere, even in Belize. If you prefer good service, done unobtrusively, you’ll prefer this exceptional beachfront hotel on Ambergris Caye in Belize.