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If you decide to visit Auvergne, it is one of the most spectacular French territories. If you want to know more about this topic, make sure you always take advantage of the following information.

First of all, Vulcania is among the few European volcanic parks that provides visitors with the chance of watching the birth of an actual volcano and find out information about its full life. Vulcania was created back in 2002 and nowadays it is spread in an area that occupies almost 57 ha. It is visited annually by about 420,000 people. Chief designer of the park is Hans Hollein, a famous Austrian architect. You will learn everything about the volcano from the origin of its eruption.

Besides an artificial volcano and the amazing earthquake simulator that you can find in here, there is also the 4D cinema, which is also a very impressive attraction. The movie “The Awakening the Giants Auvergne” can offer you a closer look inside the volcano. There are a total of 30 attractions. In the town there are also a few tourist curiosities, like Vichy about 51 km, the area known under the name of Clermont-Ferrand, situated at a distance of 12 km, Basilica Virgin Mary Sublime, as well as the Cathedral Assumption Virgin Mary that is located 12 km away and Le Parc de Montjuzet at about 11 km.

In the town of Vichy there is one of the most famous spas in the entire country of France. Today about 26 000 inhabitants live here. Vichy attracts visitors mainly from the spa and wellness treatments. There are three main spa facilities – thermal Centre des Domes, Les CĂ©lestins and Helios Center. The city also features a great number of beautiful parks, and some malls as well. In addition to this, there are also a few pleasant sightseeing routes.

As for the activities, you will be offered a wide range of options. In addition to being famous for spa treatments, the city is also a real paradise for golf lovers, with two 18-hole courses. Near Vichy the area is suitable for hiking and horseback riding.

Finally, Le Parc de Montjuzet is the most beautiful urban park in France and the ideal place for a picnic or afternoon walks. Visitors can get to all the city’s beautiful neighborhood and surrounding mountains. The beautiful Mediterranean flora is amazing here, and so are the statues and other similar objectives. Le Parc de Montjuzet area occupies 20 acres.