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Pont d’Avignon – the city became famous largely because of this, Pont d’Avignon in the very famous song for children. Also known as the Pont Saint-Benezet, the ruined bridge was built in the medieval period, before the papal city of Avignon to become, to allow passage for Villeneuve-les-Avignon. It was a massive construction that has proven useful. Of the 22 original arches – of which only four have been preserved – was sufficiently strong and high, but then left derelict and was finally abandoned.

Avignon, Palace of the Popes

In Avignon, the former City of Popes, there is also the Great Palace built between a rock and small palace. The cathedral dominates the town, crowned by a gilded statue of the Virgin. French name is the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-des Domes and supposedly comes from the Latin form Dommus, title reserved for the high ecclesiastical authorities, because the church was called “Notre-Dame of bishops.” The origins are obscure construction. Founded probably in the fourth century, the legend of St. Martha attributed its rise that is dedicated to the Virgin slot.

Behind the cathedral there is a great park, the largest in the city, where legend says that Augustus wanted to build a temple. Now the park, beautifully landscaped, is dotted by ponds, bridges, statues and artificial grottoes. It’s where locals and visitors find a corner of cool in the hot summer and where they can admire the grandeur of the Rhone, the tower of Philip the Fair, located on the other side of the river, and somewhat away from all buildings in Stone Mountain Ventoux trying to break through the clouds.

The Festival d’Avignon is an annual art festival held in the French city with the same name. The first edition started in 1947 under the leadership of Jean Vilar. It is the oldest existing festival in France and one of the largest in the world. The festival is composed of two parts, “in” and “off”.

Avignon Bridge

The “In” festival is organized by a non-profit organization (since 1980), which is administered by a board consisting of: the French state, city Avignon, Department of Vaucluse, Provence – Alpes-Cote d’Azur and seven persons competent in the field of public theater . Festival “In” is held in the “Cour d’Honneur” – the Palais des Papes, Avignon papacy place of residence during the 14th century.

“Off” Festival is also organized by a non-profit organization composed for the most part, the theater companies and theater takes place in schools, streets and places suitable for the best performance.

Avignon Popes Palace