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The Baška Wellness Centre, the services of which are enjoyed by the guests of the four and five-star Atrium Residence Hotel, the four-star Zvonimir Hotel and the three-star Corinthium Hotel in Baška.

The Atrium Residence Baška Hotel, with 18 rooms and 46 apartments of different sizes, was built in 2008. It stands right by the sea, in the central part of the popular beach in Baška. The Zvonimir Hotel, which has been completely renovated in 2003, has 70 rooms and 15 apartments, while the Corinthium Hotel comprises three interconnected buildings and has a total of 400 rooms and 31 apartments.

With its interior design, the treatments offered and preparations used, the Baška Wellness Centre speaks clearly of the Mediterranean surroundings and its values. The area of the centre is 900 m2 plus an indoor swimming pool of 500 m, an outdoor pool with the sunbathing area and a children’s park extending to the total area of 4000 m2.

The wellness centre offers a wealth of facial and body care treatments, a spa facility with different saunas and the indoor and outdoor recreation spaces. Specific treatments available use indigenous oils such as olive oil, oils of St. John’s wort, lavender and other medicinal and aromatic plants, sea salt, etc.

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Baška Wellness Centre Corinthia Hotel Baška

Emila Geistlicha 39

51523 Baška, otok Krk, Croatia

Tel.: +385 (0) 51 656 825,

+385 (0) 51 656 111

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