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I went on a beach vacation in Penang with the entire family. Penang is a beautiful place. White beaches, blue sea and lots of good food. Actually, it was a beach and eat vacation. My in-laws spent a large part of their lives in Malaysia. Penang is one of their favourite short holiday places. They know exactly where to go for the best food.

We went to The End of World restaurant twice in those 3 days. It is an open air eatery. Introduced to my father in law by a politician friend of his. In fact, the owner of the restaurant told us the even the Prime Minister of Malaysia was one of his customers.

There are many hotels in Penang. Those near the sea have stunning views. You pay extra for those sea view rooms though, but it is worth it.

Check out these PENANG hotels

Back to the topic of food.

As Penang is by the sea, the seafood there is fabulous. Freshly caught fish, crabs and seafood served at your table. If you love crabs full of eggs, you’ll find lots of them there. The higher priced egg crabs contain more crab roe than white meat. If you prefer the white meat, then go for the lower priced, just as fresh, yummy, juicy, flower crabs.

Kids love the beach. We stayed at a hotel in Penang, by the beach. Mornings were spent at the continental buffet breakfast, followed by time on the beach building sandcastles.

There are a few horsemen with horses and a pony, who will give you a ride for $30 Malaysian Ringitt. 2 people can go up a horse each time. You may even be able to bargain with them to bring the price down to $20.

There are lots of watersports you can indulge in. Basically, its, the sand, sea, good food, relaxing view and laid back lifestyle over there in Penang.

There are many small shops there selling clothes, toys, food (again) and so much more. Prices there are already low. You can even haggle down the prices to half or 2 thirds the stated price. That’s part of the fun of shopping in Penang. My kids bought power ranger costumes there too.

Somehow, the best food is found by the roadside. There are hawkers selling everything from ice chendol (a local dessert) to corn and groundnuts. I love the groundnuts there. Somehow, malaysian groundnuts taste so much yummier.

Got carried away. This is about beach vacations. My mind keeps wandering back to the fantastic food there.

Kids love the beach even more when they have their pails and spades to build sandcastles with. Those, we bought at the small town nearby. Things are much cheaper in the nearby towns than the tourist areas.

Basically, Penang is a great place for vacations with the family.

I have no photos to show for it as my camera and personal belongings were stolen on the way back home.

Lesson learnt. No matter how friendly and warm the people in a country may be, there are always black sheep. Never let your guard down no matter where you go.