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Caribbean style adventure is something which any tourist would want to experience at least once in his life. While on a vacation why don’t you plan something in the Western part of Caribbean? Lying on the coast of the central part of America, there is one locale which would beckon you with its beautiful mix o traditions and culture. Home to civilizations of the past like the Mestizo, Maya, East Indian, Creole and of course the German Mennonites, this locale of Belize is the one unique vacation spot which would give you nature in real and the ambience for life.

The lovely rainforests of the tropical zone seem to be dancing here to the Belize tune and they are a feast for the eyes too. This is the place where lies the hemisphere’s longest barrier reef. The sights are beautiful, the place stupendous and the experience exotic.

You could have many choices for having adventure on a Belize tour.

For example you could go canoeing and cave tubing in the rich waterfall regions of the Maya Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. There are beautiful limestone caves here with a lot of intricate pottery done in Maya style. All this and more gives you a good reason to go on an adventure here. The beautiful waterfalls really look majestic in their flow and they give a perfect ambience for your tour.

Belize is the ideal place for treks and trails as it has got most of the area covered with greenery. There are ancient civilizations that have existed here and the remnants would intrigue you on a trek. Then you have the ruins of the temples which also interest a person interested in adventure.

If you are in the Caribbean’s obviously you would be witness to a lot of coasts and the coastlines with coral reefs. Belize vacations introduce you to innumerable sand islands called the cayes. The coconut palms that dot the place are a main feature across Belize and this is where you should unleash your energies and enjoy to the fullest. You could go snorkeling or kayaking. There are beaches here where you can sun tan and bask in the sun to your heart’s content. Then of course you have the kayaking activities here. But there is nothing wrong if you just choose to only relax.

Belize vacations on the coastline give you the best flora and fauna. You can get exotic fish, tropical plants and the animals here are also those who are special to this place. The bird lover would go berserk here watching the wide variety of birds.

Isn’t therefore Belize a hub of adventure?

You could go the Ambergris Cave and take part in the diving bases that are here. But while you take part in such sports ensure that you are aware about the sport and don’t go beyond entertainment and also do be careful.

There is the El Pescador for angling and the lovely palms and tropical plants give you the confidence that you can ask for more.

Thus, Belize vacations are the best if you are seeking uncontrolled adventure.