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Biokovo is a rugged mountain whose almost vertical cliffs rise near and by the sea leaving its imprint on the whole surrounding landscape. Its highest peak is St. Jure at 1,762 metres ASL.

Barren limestone rocks of broken relief and with watershed features, mountain grasslands and rocky pastures, and the blending of the Mediterranean and mountain climate has ensured that Biokovo is second only to Velebit in its number of endemic species.

The forest communities are quite specific: autochthonous forests of black pine and fir with hop hornbeam. Biokovo is also home to numerous animals, both mountain and Mediterranean species, for example, chamois and wolf; as well as golden eagles, short-toed eagles, alpine chough, and others.

Biokovo mountains and Baska Voda in Makarska Riviera

From the mountain there are wonderful views of the littoral and the islands, as well as of the hinterland.
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