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The capital of the province of Berry and the third largest city in the central region of France (with over 75,000 inhabitants), Bourges is an old city with many impressive monuments and fascinating history that will make an extremely impressive experience out of your visit.

One of the most important monuments is a fortified town dating from the Gaelic period. This monument has managed to prove its strategic important in different historical moments, particularly during the war for 10 years. In the 13th century the area of Bourges became the royal city, the place where Charles VII started the campaign to retake the lands of France. But Bourges was also an important cultural and artistic center, a place where the French national spirit manifested itself in many areas of creation. Nowadays, this status is still valid and there are numerous events organized every year.

Bourges, Cathedral Saint-Etienne

A monument that you should definitely visit is the cathedral known under the name of St Etienne. This is mainly because of its impressive gothic style, but also because of being a massive edifice with impressive styling and interiors, and numerous very old stained glass windows, perhaps the most valuable in France. Moreover, the building was included on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage a few years ago, because of its beauty.

Another important destination is the Jacques Coeur Palace. A few centuries ago, Jacques Coeur centuries was a very rich merchant, who build their wealth from overseas trade. Born in Bourges, he built here a splendid palace, located in old city center, which is a building worth seeing today.

Bourges, France

Finally, when it comes to naming some of the most important curiosities near the town of Bourges, there are some that really stand out. For example, the Orléans Cathedral is situated 98 km away from this city and if you have time you are advised to arrange a trip there. You will really be amazed by the great architectural style and grandeur of the building. Moreover, there is also the Joan of Arc Museum, at approximately distance. If you are a fan of history, this is definitely the place for you, offering great guidance and numerous pieces of information that you will enjoy learning about.

All in all, with such an impressive history and the numerous attractions that make the city of Bourges stand out, you are totally recommended to visit this part of France the next time you arrange a visit to this territory.