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Most of the French citizens may sometimes feel like strangers when travelling to Brittany, an area in north-west France that falls deep into the Atlantic. Because of the broken cultural vein broken, representatives of the population that lived into the area, often known as Bretons, have managed to create a great cultural affinity with the Celts. Because of this, their traditions and the powerful habits Bretons have fought for their fierce independence until today.

Brittany can be split into two main areas. First, there is the part divided between northeast of Rennes and going all the way through St Malo. The other one passes through the Channel coast and Cote d’Armor, the northern Brittany coast. Each of them comes with its unique destinations and attractions that you will always enjoy visiting.

In northern Brittany there were many medieval castles and ancient coastal resorts preserved and nowadays every visitor can enjoy them. In addition to the cosmopolitan cities known under the name of St Malo and Rennes, attractions that also include wooden gable houses and elegant statues of the Belle Epoque Dinan, Dinard, which British aristocrats once preferred. Links to the old Celtic culture are also very visible in Basse Bretagne, a place where older people speak Breton and French cafes are replaced by Irish pubs.

The area of Brittany is also very famous for the monuments that are scattered across the peninsula as well, the largest one being located near Carnac. The exact purpose and scope of the monuments is not entirely known, and many locals are reluctant to engage in speculation on this subject.

The fortified town of St-Malo is also among the popular attractions in the area and a port that is one of the most important ones in the country, connecting Brittany to England. This is possible through the Channel Islands. This is also the place of birth of the famous historian Louis Duchesne, the one whois the author of Chateaubriand. Finally, the famous corsair named Surcouf and Jacques Cartier, the explorer, also lived here.

With such monuments and a captivating history, Brittany will never disappoint you whenever you decide to visit it. There are numerous itineraries that you can choose and, regardless of your option, you will always be able to enjoy the full beauty of the area. So make sure you use the information presented to you in the lines above as much as possible.