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When it Hungary, Budapest travel is often omitted for the misconception that it does not have much to offer. However, this is not true.

Budapest attractions have it all – resorts to relax in, wonderful architecture, great cuisine to indulge in. Backpacking is one of the cheapest ways of exploring a country and several backpackers have found that Budapest is a wonderful place to backpack through. Here are some Budapest travel tips for backpackers.

As a backpacker, travelling within the city will be your primary concern. Get yourself the Budapest card which is valid for two or three days depending on your usage. This will allow you to use public transportation freely as well as gained free or discounted entry to a number of attractions.

Budapest travel tips also included being able to find good accommodation. There are several information centers spread across Budapest. You can get the relevant information based on which part of the city you decide to base yourself. Choose from places like the Budapest Tourist Information Centre at Oktogon, or at the Nyugati Station, Buda Castle, Deak Square and so many more.

Food and drink will be the next priority during your Budapest travel plans. For a backpacker, chose from the self service types of restaurants that offer wholesome and cheap food. You can get continental food, pizzas as well as a variety of sausages cooked in myriad ways. Affordable drinking in Budapest is all modeled on Viennese coffee houses. Obtain a list by the US embassy on drinking joints to stay away from. Some of them are Városközpont, La Dolce Vita, Nirvana Night Club, Ti’Amo Bar, Diamond Club and also Pigalle Night Club. You will also find places to suit your pocket.

A good city guide and one trip on a guide book with help you visit all the main Budapest attractions.