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Get ready to visit the land of the dead when you next visit Paris. If only the skeletons could talk, they would tell you tales about the past. The Catacombs of Paris is a renowned underground site, constructed to serve as the ultimate resting place for human skeletal remains, and is situated to the south of the former gate of the city of Paris.

This location which is a must visit for tourists was opened for the public during the latter parts of the eighteenth century. This place is known locally as the l’Ossuaire Municipal. The sight might be macabre but it never fails to attract tourists by the dozens.

Descend carefully through a narrow staircase to enter the world of the dead. The only sound breaking the silence over here is the gurgling ones emanating from a hidden aqueduct.

You will soon find yourself near the entry of the catacombs where a sign, written in the French language reads… Stop, you are at the entrance of the empire of death. Proceed forward if you so dare, and you will discover caverns of walls and halls that are full of carefully arranged bones.

It might sound strange, but some of the bones are arranged in an artistic way, like the one that is shaped like the outline of a heart. A great portion of these catacombs is featured in the video game `Deus Ex.’