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Champagne-Ardenne is a region of rolling hills covered with vineyards, forests, mysterious and quiet-water lakes, situated 90 minutes east of Paris. Reims is the provincial capital, where you can find some of the most impressive cathedrals in France, where entire generations have been crowned kings.

The most interesting attractions of the region are represented by the hills and houses that surround the wine cellars. You can start the tour with a visit to the Champagne-Ardenne’s Museum of Troyes, which is a beautiful medieval town with wooden houses and narrow streets. From here you can then head towards Epernay, which is the production center of the area.

For outdoor activities, Champagne-Arden offers a wonderful landscape, with ancient forests and over 650km of lakes and rivers. You can also visit some of the vast medieval villages, such as Chalons-en-Champagne and Langres, or try the delivious regional specialties of the season, including dandelion jam and andouillette de Troyes, a delicious sauce.

One of the biggest towns in the area is Reims, which is famous for its Gothic cathedral where generations of French kings were crowned. 80% of this amazing objective was destroyed during World War I, but the city was rebuilt in the 1920s Art Deco style.

Reims, together with Epernay and Ay, is one of the main production centers of the Champagne region. Many of the biggest production houses have their headquarters in Reims. Many of them are open for tours and tastings of champagne as well. On the other hand, the center of the city is a small one, but the advantage is that you can walk to some of the most important sites. In here you will find some interesting markets, beautiful shops and charming arcades.

The city took its name from the Celtic tribe Remi. Later it became one of the most influential cities in Gaul. Nowadays more and more tourists are interested in paying a visit to Reims and most of them are never disappointed.

All in all, the French region known under the name of Champagne-Ardenne also has much to offer for you and if you decide to give it a chance you will surely appreciate its beauty. Do not forget about the possibility to taste some of the most delicious brands of champagne, which are manufactured here, which is one of the most important reasons for the fame of the area.