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A vacation in US is always full of excitement and fun. However, for families, the US is the perfect continent to soak, relax, and rejuvenate. It is of no surprise that over 80% families who like to explore the different parts of the world on their vacation have voted this continent as top vacation destination. The United States of America has many things to offer in terms of sights and activities to its all kinds of travelers including the budget ones. So, it is possible to enjoy some cheap family vacations on this most powerful territory. However, as this continent is very vast, it is actually confusing to plan for a great affordable itinerary – whether to start from New York or Florida?; where should I land from flight?; and so on. To get answers to these questions, one need to be aware of the destinations completely, which will ensure cheap family vacations in US.

Washington D.C.

Families love to come here and so it has become a favorite holiday destination in the United States. It is not only offers many cheap highlights, but it is also a beautiful city to explore. If you are thinking of a world-class family destination, then this is your choice that will not put any burden on your pocket, which means you can still preserve the money that you have saved for your child’s career. There are even free attractions here such as the wonderful Smithsonian Museum, National Air and Space Museum, and National Gallery of Art. And yes, downtown strolls, some leisure parks, and the historic monuments can really add to your affordable fun!


Regarded as the perfect option for cheap family vacations in the US, this is the national park of hot geothermal wonders. Choose this place if you are a great fan of waterfalls, hot splurging geysers, vast plains, and huge cliffs. In short, all nature buffs including kids will love this place for sure! A majority of the park natural attractions are quite cheap to see. Some of the major highlights here are the Old Faithful and the Mammoth Hot Springs. And yes, camping is also possible here.

Grand Canyon

Cheap to explore, challenging to hike, and stunning to see its ruins – these are some of the main attractions of this preserved site. It ensures memorable cheap family vacations at low cost and features geological wonders such as the arches, canyons, bridges, and ruins of the ancient tribes all of which are preserved by the nature. Spring as well as summer is the best time to visit, but also bring more crowds. If you do not want to be amidst the crowds, winter in the best time.


This one is regarded as the perfect family vacation destination in the United States. For all those who love beach fun, the challenge of water sports, and the affordable luxury of all-inclusive resorts, Bahamas is the place that is worth a visit. So, get ready to relax, shop, soak, and dive into the blues of the water fun here!

Las Vegas

Do not be shocked by that name as Las Vegas is now also regarded as one of the fun-filled destinations for families and kids. Yes, there are many cheap or free attractions here such as Children’s Museum, Lost City Museum, Gondola ride, Lake Mead Recreational Area, Circus, Adventuredome Theme Park, and so on.

Besides the above one, the other affordable destinations are San Diego, California;Chicago, Illinois; San Fransisco, California; and Boston, Massachusetts.