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Macedonia is one of the best places to vacation in all of Greece. This is a town steeped in history and ancient relevance left over. It used to house kings and control the fate of entire countries but now it is simply a beautiful place with more artifacts than anywhere else in all of Greece.

This together with Thrace form North Greece. This was made into a world power thanks to King Philip the Second in 4th century BC. This was one of the ancient Greek sites that flourished under his reign and became a worldwide powerhouse until fading hundreds of years later.

I think you should check out Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia. This has more history than any other two Greek cities combined. This is one of the more historical sites in the entire world. The ruins have been let stand by the citizens of this town for more than two thousand years!


Summer is the best time to visit Macedonia. The coastal areas are especially beautiful during this time of year. This is a great spot and should be one of the first places you stop on your vacation in Greece.