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Welcome to Northwest Mexico’s wilderness! Nestled in Sierra Tarahumara of the Chihuahua state, Copper Canyon is a genuine set of nearly 6 unique canyons formed by 6 different rivers in this desert region. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions because of few of its most awe-inspiring as well as eye-catching natural vistas. As compared to the neighboring Grand Canyon of Arizona, the Copper Canyon area is very much larger in size boasting a matchless terrain, flora, and fauna. To explore this area, there are many ways such as biking, hiking, or driving. However, above all, the Copper Canyon Train Ride is the most admired way by the tourists to do so. Running between Los Mochis and the city of Chihuahua, this railway line is an amazing engineering feat, which passes through many tunnels and bridges of which the longest bridge stretches more than 500 m, while the longest tunnel is 1,500 m long.

Your exhilarating as well as spectacular journey on the first-class express is of 13 hours. You not get a chance to explore the major attractions here via this train ride, but your trip also become educational as get to see and learn about the Tarahumara Indians who have resided in the Copper canyon since ages. Two train classes are available namely, the First Class Express and the Economy train. The former has fewer stops, provides reclining seats, a restaurant, and a club car. On the other hand, the latter has more stops with time delay to miss sceneries at dark and offers snacks only. The First Class is recommended if you do not want a rural holiday and have less time. Both the trains begin at 6 a.m. – one from Los Mochis and the other at Chihuahua City. You can get down at any of the halts to enjoy the attractions of the towns for a day or two and take a horse ride for exploring the canyon. I recommend you to start the journey from Los Mochis as much scenery and attractions lies around this one.

Los Mochis, ‘Place of Turtles’ on the Pacific Coast is known for its ferry ride to La Paz and tasty food. Next station is El Fuerte (The Fort) that is a wonderful colonial and it is good if you stay here for two days to enjoy its charm. The fort remains are on the peak of the lookout, Mirador that needs hiking. Other attractions here are paved streets, plaza, church, and palace. As a tip, consider boarding the train from here as most people do. The train departing time from here is 8:30 a.m.

Next station is Bauhichivo is the land of three hotels offering great views all of which offer excursions to the canyon. Explore the horseback rides, amazing scenery, great waterfalls, and excursion to Cerro Gallego.

Posada Barrancas and El Divisadero are the next two stations that offer a great chance to enjoy the views of the Copper Canyon. Train halts here for long and on your journey here, spectacular views await! Further, the Tarahumara Indians sell their stunning handicrafts, dolls, pine baskets, wood carvings, and much more here. The hotels here offer mini-buses for pick and drop at the stations.

Creel, at high altitude, is a small town at the Copper Canyon’s heart flanked by pine forests. Get down here for some days for its adventurous excursions – day trip to Cascada de Basaseachi (waterfalls), Recohuata Hot Springs Excursion; and an excursion to the ancient silver mining town Batopilas.

Last, you reach the Chihuahua City, most prosperous in Mexico due to mining, timber, and livestock. This is certainly the cowboy country in Mexico. Explore here its beautiful colonial architecture, cathedral, wide roads, and the legendary Pancho Villa.
Budget Accommodations

Hotel Mansion Tarahumara – €116 to €153
Margarita’s Plaza Mexicana, Creel – $45 – $75

Best time

If you come for this ride between October and March, it is necessary for you to book tickets in advance. However, make sure you come during this time here as the temperatures are cooler.

Buy the train tickets only via your tour operator.