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Corsica is an island which, despite belonging to the French territory, has a strongly developed Italian atmosphere. The island of Corsica has always been famous for its beauty that impresses hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The landscape diversity and the fact that the island is not reached by the aggression of tourism development make the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea out of Corsica.

One of the most important pieces of advice you can get is to plan your holiday during May, June or October. In this way, you will be able to avoid the congestion of the summer months and feel the enjoyable climate at the same time. From the eastern part to the west coast, the perfectly white beaches combined with the clear blue waters of Corsica will always amaze you due to their diversity and the wonderful land they are situated on.

Away from the coast, the mountains of granite are covered by snow until mid-July, with marshy lands covering the eastern part of the island.

Various battles have been fought over this island for centuries, until the independence of the area was proclaimed in 1755. A few years after, the island became an important part of the slot, because it was the birth place of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte. This is also one of the main factors due to which the language, culture and traditions were kept sacredly by Corsicans, which feature more about Italy than in France.

He often said that the islands form a world apart, closed between the shores of natural barriers, a century-long isolation imposed for differentiation from the rest of the world. Corsica has emerged from isolation and it became the object of tourist attraction, especially since 1969, when many have celebrated the birth of the Emperor. There are few places in the world where such a small space can evoke the memory of a personality in as many ways. In Ajaccio for example, Corsica’s capital, you think each is subjected to a shock, wherever you straighten it.

For those who want to spend a quiet evening in a more elegant ambience, the ideal place is in the “vieux port” to “Velvet”, one of the most select clubs. Also, Corsica is also the place where archaeologists have unearthed strange megalithic remains of a civilization, the place where legends and folk songs that evoke the mysteries of the peoples that inhabited the island since ancient times.